What is LightningAnalytics?

Before you can operate your fleet at peak efficiency, you need accurate data that provides precise information about fuel efficiency, drive cycles, driver behaviors, and vehicle health. The LightningAnalytics data scientists and a dedicated fleet specialist interpret and deliver the intelligent insights and actionable information you need. An easy to use customized dashboard provides driver behaviors, predictive maintenance, route optimization and more – all in real time.

A cloud-based fleet telematics and analytics solution, LightningAnalytics, is customizable across all of your vehicles and integrates with telematics and other fleet management software your fleet may use.

LightningAnalytics at a Glance

  • Actionable recommendations provided by dedicated fleet specialist
  • Customized and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Up to 20 Hz data updates – the fastest in the fleet market – provide actual real-time information
  • Encrypted connections protect your data and vehicles
  • Fully integrates with other fleet telematics programs