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Providing Innovative Hybrid Solutions For
Fleets of Shuttle Buses and Work Trucks/Vans

National Fleet Hybrids features the Lightning Hybrids Energy Recovery System (ERS).
A fuel efficient hydraulic hybrid system for shuttle buses and work trucks.

How Does It Work?
Where Is It Used?
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Benefits of the Lightning Hybrids ERS:

  • Significant improvement in fuel economy depending on drive cycle.
  • More power for acceleration and better braking.
  • The only hydraulic hybrid system available for medium-duty vehicles like work trucks and shuttle buses.
  • Medium-duty hydrauic hybrids are more efficient and cost effective than electric hybrids.
  • The only system available as a retrofit for used vehicles (2008 and newer).
  • A cost-effective value-enhancing upfit to new vehicles.
  • The safety and reliability of a parallel hybrid system — runs “parallel” to the engine and transmission so if the system is down the vehicle still drives.
  • Hydraulics are easy to maintain – eliminate the extra weight and dangers of maintaining high voltage batteries.
  • Bullet-proof 3-year/50,000 mile warranty. Our system does not affect the OEM warranty in any way